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    BAODING BANGTAI POLYMERIC NEW-MATERIALS CO.,LTD was established in 2005.It produces polyester-, polyether-, and hot melt adhesive Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) professionally.It offers infinite possibilities to meet the manufacturing challenges of a fast-changing world. Tough, reliable and extremely versatile, our TPU can meet injection, molding, extrusion, adhesive,coating,and film requirements to improve the production and performance of everything from shoes, technical parts, cables, and films, to conveyor belts and seals.
  Our company is located in new and high-tech development zone of Baoding city,Hebei province.The area is 39,960 square meters and the area-built is 23,800 square meters.The geographical location is in the circle of economic of big-Beijing so that we have powerful regional advantage.
  We were introduced from advanced production line of Germany and accurate detection instrument of American and Switzerland.We adopt the leading technology and the output of the TPU reached 20,000 ton per year.
  We have abundant strength of technology developing with three Doctors,twelve Masters and twenty-one technicians which have educational background of undergraduate course in the research center.The powerful team of research ensures the extensive demand of performance of TPU products which are used by all users of mainland of china market.
  Modern management,clean environment of produce,modern office facilities and high level of management talent set up a good image of enterprise in mainland of china.
  Bangtai new-materials relies on the international leading technology,services for Chinese users.We are willing to develop with more Chinese friends and create glory together.